Proof Policy

E&D requires all jobs submitted for imaging by us to be accompanied by a proof print (laser, inkjet, photocopy, etc.)

If the file is to be color separated, a proof print of each color plate is required.

Reduced-size proofs acceptable.

If you cannot/do not provide us proof prints, E&D will charge for proofing file(s) prior to imaging to check typefaces (fonts), traps, graphics, screens, etc. Proofs being imaged by E&D add 4-8 hours to turnaround and are at extra cost.

ALSO . . . remember that images that are to "bleed" off the page require printing on an over-size page. Small format RC paper and film material widths are 12"-13"-18" and large format material widths are 24"-36"-50"-60" (roll-fed materials allow almost any length).

Pages that have bleeds must have at least 1/4" shorter width dimension than the material being used.

All specifications and prices are subject to change without written or electronically published notification.