Editing & Design has an in-house CD Recording System that takes digital data and formats it into a CD-ROM disc image which is then burned onto a CD-R disc. Archive data, backup network files and hard drives, create electronic catalogs, and make multimedia demo discs. One CD can hold up to 640Mb of user information, over 13,000 printed pages, plus images, audio and video with computer data.

Our software can produce multi-session and multi-volume CD-ROMs in mixed-mode or in specific formats. This process creates a CD which can be used like any CD or as a Premaster for high-volume duplication.

Your digital information can be transferred directly from computer files on hard drive, SyQuest, Bernoulli, and ZIP or JAZ cartridges, optical discs, Colorado or DAT tapes, floppy diskettes, or via modem. Printed materials - hard copy- must first be scanned and saved digitally, however, before archiving to CD-ROM.

We can write CD-ROMs in the following formats: ISO 9660 for MS-DOS/Windows, UNIX, Amiga, Mac, etc. in full cross-platform compatibility (naming restrictions apply, however); HFS, a Macintosh-only format; Mac/ISO Hybrid; Generic, ISO volumes, A/UX and ProDOS partitions; Mixed Mode, which can be played on any CD-player; and Audio CD, which consists of audio data only.

Note: Not all CD-players are capable of identifying multiple sessions/volumes. Single session drives only display and read the first session, as if there were only one session recorded.

Data preparation (file placement, changing names to ISO format, etc.) up to 1/4 hour is included in price; additional prep time charged at $60 per hour. Image and data transfers to CD-ROM is provided on 48-hour turnaround. RUSH service is available: 24-hour turnaround adds 50%; 4-8 hour turnaround is DOUBLE the charge.

Caution -- IMPORTANT -- Do Not erase any files/folders from your hard drive or other storage media until you have received the archival CD and tested it on your system.